How to make the most of your first conversation:


Have your financial information ready so your advisor can learn about where you are today:

  • Investment statements
  • If you keep a budget, have it ready to share
  • Life insurance that you already have, or get from work
  • A recent paystub
  • A list of your debts and loans with balances, interest rates, and minimum payments

Bring a list of any financial concerns or questions so your advisor can help determine your best next step.


Think about where you want to be in five to ten years, and how you would like to live in retirement.


If you share your finances with someone, plan for both of you to meet with your advisor.

Pull Quote Pull Quote "You almost have to pinch yourself sometimes. It took a lot of honest heart-to-heart talks between a husband and a wife and an advisor to bring it all together. But we did, and it made all the difference." Darrell and Carol Frail, Northwestern Mutual clients, on retiring at age 58