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  • Great coverage can be flexible.

    What is universal
    life insurance?

    A universal life policy lets you build cash value, like a whole life policy does, and offers flexible premium payments, death benefits and schedules to fit your life and your budget. All while protecting your family with great coverage.

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    Universal life insurance may be the right choice if you want:

    • Coverage that can last your entire life.
    • The chance to build cash value, that grows tax-deferred, and that you can use later for other financial goals.1
    • The option to adjust the amount of life insurance protection you want (within limits).
    • Flexible premiums — you control the amount and frequency of your payments. (Note: the amount and timing of your payments will directly affect your policy's cash value, as well as your ability to maintain coverage in the future. Your policy's cash value will increase faster if you pay more premium in the early years and you choose to make regular payments.)

    We offer two types of universal life insurance

    Custom Universal Life (CUL) Accumulator

    Custom Universal Life (CUL)

    CUL Accumulator gives you the highest flexibility when it comes to choosing your death benefit and premium payment schedule, providing:

    • The ability to meet a wide array of insurance objectives.
    • Flexibility to match your protection to your needs.
    • The ability to build your cash value, tax deferred.
    Single Premium

    Single Premium

    A Single Premium universal life policy lets you pay a lump-sum from an inheritance, bonus, or other source of income to purchase a permanent life insurance policy and provide your heirs with an income-tax-free lump-sum payment (death benefit) that can be larger than your one-time premium payment.

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    How much life insurance is right for you?

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    The Northwestern Mutual difference

    • A++

      AAA, Aaa, and AA+ the highest financial strength ratings of any life insurer FROM ALL FOUR MAJOR credit RATING AGENCIES2

    • No 1

      in financial soundness and use of corporate assets FORTUNE® Magazine, 20193

    • 162

      years strong through depressions, downturns, and two world wars

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